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Paxton’s Grill and Ramsey’s Trailside would like to thank everyone for the wonderful support during The Art of Giving campaign! The response was truly amazing. Please read a message from the LIFE Food Pantry director below and check out our winner page here >>>>

Results from our first initiative: Hope and Thanks

A Message from LIFE Food Pantry

This is a time of crisis for many of our neighbors but, through efforts like The Art of Giving, LIFE saw an unprecedented level of support from the Loveland community. Since the pandemic began, overwhelming donations have allowed LIFE to serve nearly 1500 people, including hundreds of new families, providing food for more than 12,000 meals. We are so grateful to Paxton’s Grill and Ramsey’s Trailside and the entire community for their overwhelming support of LIFE!

The funds raised will significantly impact our ability to serve the Loveland community.  There were so many AMAZING pieces of art submitted—the kids really put their hearts into this project. Their contribution can continue to support LIFE as they have very generously donated their artwork to be auctioned! We are working on setting up an online virtual silent auction–more to follow with specific information.

The willingness of this restaurant group to fund such a beneficial project for the LIFE Food Pantry is such a meaningful gesture of community. Restaurants and food pantries—we both feed people! It is significant to those of us in these outreaches, and having the community behind it is a tribute to the people in this area.  

Many children in our city receive free and/or reduced breakfast and lunch during the school year. LIFE provides Tiger Weekend Bags with food to supplement these meals. But during this pandemic, meals weren’t at school and extra help was needed in the homes, so we developed bags to supplement those needs in addition to the Tiger Weekend bags. The contributions from The Art of Giving will help us continue to provide these bags throughout the summer until school is back in session. This additional food along with the “normal” pantry distribution will ease some of the pressure on a household already economically impacted. In addition to our regular clients, we have seen a large increase both within the 45140 district and other areas of Cincinnati. While we only do a one time serve for clients that are out of district, we want to be sure that no one is hungry. For families out of work or “under” employed, this can make a difference of food insecurity vs being able to feed the family and still pay the rent and utilities.

Please support our young artists efforts by also supporting Ramsey’s Trailside and Paxton’s Grill—and be sure to thank them for their support of the LIFE Food Pantry!

Linda Bergholz
Director, LIFE Food Pantry


Don’t forget to donate! LIFE Food Pantry provides food and financial support to hundreds of families in the Greater Loveland area every month and their demand is increasing every day during this crisis. You can donate to LIFE  via PayPal here or visit their website to find out more ways you can help them provide the necessary assistance to our community. Thank you!

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